The Joyful Journeyings of One Bertram Bumble (Part 3)

Bertram was flummoxed
Breathed in his two stomachs

And proceeded to purchase some ‘tost’

He moved rather quickly

And purchased ‘tost’ slickly

In case the ‘moment’ was lost.

The lady was pleased

And hoped to be squeezed

By the ‘tost’ and its speedy arrival.

She ate all there was

Which was a shame

Because Bertram Bumble

Had two stomachs that did rumble

With yearning –

As did his ardour;

Which, if it beat any harder,

Would lend his trousers to burning.
However, no ‘tost’ came his way

And he started to sway

Through passion and a feeling of hunger;

The lady was quick

To offer a stick

Or a carrot to help his disorder.

“Let’s get out of here!

Let’s journey away”

She said “Shall we make for the border?”
Bertram Bumble was tired

Very neatly expired

But, for this lady he had an affection.

“Let’s do it!” he spoke;

Then, just like a bloke,

He left in quite the wrong direction.
They travelled that way

For many a day

By bicycle made not for two;

Across land, and by sea,

They searched hopefully

They reached the Island of Q.


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