Daubs (a study in writing artistry)

Daubs (a study in writing artistry)
(The Poetriter is in his writing studio)
Poetriter (to self): A few daubs of writing… here!

A few more over here…!

And a last word… here! to complete my masterpiece.
(To audience)
“Would you like to see it?”
(Shows the poem to the sparse audience) 
“Visually… a poem.
From this distance – perhaps ‘audibly’ it would be more so.
I shall begin…”
‘My daubery

Is like the last strawberry

In a punnet

Lonesome for a companion…

Or some cream.
Or maybe it is like a lone sonnet

In a bleak anthology

With barely a soul to gaze upon it,

And the vague idea

That the tome shall ‘ever’ be publishable.
“My word!”

I exclaim!

And then realise that my words are all the same – 

Apart from their spelling;

But, no point in dwelling upon that…

And, at ‘that’ my silent words fell on deaf ears

Whilst my noisy ones

Were ‘tuned out’ by an unappreciative critic – 

Who shall remain aimless.’
And here the words ended

As if by luck

Or judgement

As if they were meant to.
How bizarre

Words are!


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