The Indivisibility of Rats

These ‘nice’ rats can’t be sep’arat’ed!
*Inspired by reading Kim881’s words.*
The indivisibility of rats

Is a strange concept – is it not?

They do say
(‘They’ talk too much!)

That you are never more than ten feet from a rat –

But, rats only have ‘four’ feet!

And you can’t take that away from them – they are very constant in the number of limbs that they are attached to.
Hiwever, if you were to take minus six feet from a four-footed rat you would (possibly) end up with a ten-footed specimen. 

But, only on paper.
And, so, I determine that four is the mean, median, and mode (there is no ‘range’) for limbs upon rats.
And, although there may be occasional ‘slight’ variations to this we shall consider those variations anomalies.
Well, it’s always best to do so in the circumstances.


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