Norwegian Blue

Jane has a talent for understatement
and underbank underbalances. G:)


I put on my best outfit
Make my face up, do my hair
Want to look my bestest for you
So that you can see I care
Feel quite good about myself
When we are ready to go out
But at the dinner table you
Begin the niggles all about
How my looks are less attractive
And my waist is far too wide
I catch you ogling the waitress
When she stands right at your side
I feel inferior and ancient
My confidence, it hits a low
If that’s the way you want to play it
There’s a little place in Norway you can go

After the meal is done
(The insults coming thick and fast)
I infuse myself with wine
“No really, this one is the last”
You just can’t seem to help yourself
with speaking the harsh words
Not understanding the affect they have
Or how your mocking…

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