And now a silly conversation. 

J: Hell is inky.
G: ‘Hell is inky’ in Finland?
J: No, Hell is a town in Norway.
G: No way!
J: Yes, way; Hell ‘is’ in Norway.
G: Is Hell on the coast?
J: Yes, it ‘isn’t’ inland.
G: And it isn’t in Finland?
J: No, it isn’t in Finland.
G: And Helsinki?
J: That is.
G: And Hell is Inky?
J: Probably, I’ve never been there.
G: I’ve heard that the Fjords are beautiful there.
J: In Hell?
G: No. Don’t be silly. 
J: ‘Me’, be silly? 
G (pauses): Or was it ‘Hull’ that I was thinking of?
J: Probably. You are a bit ‘hullible’ at times.
G: Ha! 

PS This may not make sense – but, what in life does?


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