Blog Update No. 1 (19-04-2017)

I am currently working hard upon my thesis, which argues my position that: ‘The Plural of Moose is Meeses’However, this should not be confused…

With my naughty nautical novel:

‘The Plural of Mice is Meeces’

That is completely different – apart from the title…

… and the content.
Concurrently to the above projects, I am also considering the plausibility of the possibility of joining words, spaces and punctuation together in such a way as to form sentences, paragraphs and (maybe) even a phrase!

As evidenced above, I shall have to work harder on my literary skills as I seem to be neither good or average when good or average appear to be the minimum standard that passes for literature these days. 

I shall consider whether furthering my writhing career is a good (or average) move. 
Then I shall consider other things.
After that, I don’t know – as I don’t tend to plan ahead in advance at all.


One response to “Blog Update No. 1 (19-04-2017)

  1. Writhing career! I like the way your brain works (or fails to!)

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