An Ode to an ‘A’ Road.

An Ode To An ‘A’ Road
I must write an ‘ode’

To an ‘A’ Rode –

But, which one?

There are so many to choose from.

Starting at the A1

And ending at the A6!

(Apart from there being an A7, A8 and so on)

No! There ‘are’ others.

Could I forget those?

Across the land

There are rows and rows of roads

That criss-cross

And cover the surface of where we are

And we can travel upon them 

(Or along them) 

In our cars

(Yes, I know, other vehicles ‘are’ available).

And then there are ‘B’ roads 

And ‘C’ roads?

Yes, there are (I checked)

And ‘D’ and ‘U’

But, at least, there are no ‘O’ Roads.

Or are there?

If you seen a road called ‘O’


Let me know.


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