Life is Sweet (Part Two)

Life is Sweet (part two)
And life is…
… what you make it
… full of surprises
… half full and half empty
… a jail where you are imprisoned until you finally escape
… a dangerous game – if you choose to play it
… an anagram of ‘file’ or ‘Leif’
… often a thief
… a ticket to an unknown destination
… sweet
Although, not to everyone’s taste

Life makes haste for some

And drags on interminably for others

There are ups and downs (of course)

And zeniths and nadirs are not the norm

Here, I would like to inform…
… that, with the two of us side by side…

… life is now sweet.


One response to “Life is Sweet (Part Two)

  1. Yay! Loves you 🙂 x

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