‘Bardly Writ’ available as a PDF download at a special price – now!

*Update* use code ‘April100’ on the MagicMarketer website and get an additional discount – it gets better!

‘Bardly Writ’ is my book of Shakespearean-based nonsense that was compiled last year by my constant companion and significant lother, Jane. There is much wrong with it (all mine) and some good bits. However, now that it has become available as a downloadable PDF for a barge-in price why not try and see what be done or not be done by someone as silly as me.


Jane’s book ‘Bubble Rapt’ a magnificent book of short stories and humour is also available at a reduced price for the Downloadable PDF. I recommend it (and I may even buy a copy myself). 
The links are Here:


And here:


(Which is the same)

And, if all goes well, you can relax knowing that your hard-earned cash is going to a good(ish) cause allowing the writers of ‘Bardly Writ’ and ‘Bubble Rapt’ to continue in their writers’ lives of abject poverty and breadline survival. We are writers – we expect this.
G:) and J:)


2 responses to “‘Bardly Writ’ available as a PDF download at a special price – now!

  1. Use the code april100 for a more-than-half-price discount! 🙂

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