The Demon DrInk!

(Delivered with a drunken slant)
I am Graeme
And I used to be…
Yes, I used to be coherent…
Until the demon drink got a hold of me.
It started off just as a part of my hobby: after my writing sessions I would have a slurp or two; then, gradually, I moved on to pints and then the hard stuff. I tried to drink of a quality; but, after a while you drink anything and everything to scratch that itch.
I was, at one time, drinking a pint of Quink before breakfast – yes, you heard me, a pint!
But, I have cut down to nothing through sheer will-power and by using pencils instead of quills – however, I appear to have lead-poisoning!
That is why I am a little Inkcoherent.

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