I walked into a librarian the other day,

Wanting to borrow a library book;
and he said ‘Ook!’

Well, I didn’t correct his grammar

Or argue the point

That an ‘Ook!’ 

Was not what I had gone in there for.

And, therefore, I took in his advice

And took out an ‘Ook!’

Written upon the fine subject of Poon Bending;

Whom, I was soon to find out (or discover… by reading the ‘Ook!’) 

Was nobody that anybody knew anything about

As he didn’t exist

Apart from in an ‘Ook!’

About him.

‘Very strange!’ I thought

(As one ought to 

When these moments of great insignificance arise)

And brought all manner

Of questions to my lips

That I would ask that venerable librarian

When I returned the ‘Ook!’

Sadly, when I returned to the library to return the ‘Ook!’

To the librarian that had said ‘Ook!’ to me, that Thursday,

Some weeks ago, three;

He was no longer there…

And, nor (for that case) was the library.

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