A Poem For The Ladies

This, is a poem, for the ladies;

So, if you gentlemen could just…

‘Tune out’ for a minute…

(To the Ladies) They’ve gone.

I shall begin.
You know they don’t listen

To a word that you say

They are always thinking of football…

Or rugby…

Or quoits…

(Well, maybe not quoits… coitus? Nah!
Anyway – 

That sort of thing…

Maybe cricket or golf –

A six, slice or swing –

And all manner of sports

That they watch but don’t play.
But, as you know,

It takes allsorts to make a world

And without men…

Would a fish need a bicycle

Or a woman a tricycle?
Well, these are just a few words

(That I speak) to the wise

Mano a womano

I tell you no lies

For, I have a sensitive female side, too;

I’m not like all those mainly manly men, who

Are worth their lightweight

In words –

And little else.
And why am I telling this to you?
Why preach to the converted?
Maybe, I just needed to say

What I have,

And maybe, having said it….

We can welcome the gentlemen back.
Welcome back, gentlemen;

Please to join us in rhyme

We’ve been discussing the punishment

That’s befitting your crime.
And on that note

We shall move on to the next pote! 



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