Inspirational Words

I don’t ‘need!’ pieces of ‘paper!’

I have all of the words inside my head…

Where they are playing ‘hide and seek’ –

This, is not unique.

I sit down to write;

I gaze upon a page

That is blank, bleak;

And I feel quite weak.
I am still sat there,

Gazing, seven days later;

And that seven days

Has left ‘me’ week.
Inspiration, does not attend

My waiting;

Perspiration, does not ensue

From writing;

Dedication, to the cause,

Is noble;

But, no verse has been writ.
I shake my head;

And my muse tilts a little bit;

And I start to write…

And, then, I cannot stop.
I go to the extremities

For my art.


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