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Stand up (and leave)

I’ve said it before; and I’ll say it again (‘repetition’ being one of my strengths; and ‘plagiarism’ one of my weaknesses) That…

I must also work upon my delivery.
And, my…
…oh, yes – comic ‘timing!’

Diary Entry March 27th, 2017

We had breakfast at Tiffany’s – where their latest clothing collection was based upon the minimalist style of Australian Aborigines;Mid-afternoon, there was Tiffin at Bethany’s;

Before we popped into the library

(Just before closing time)

To take out a voluminous tome by Diogenes – which led us into a discussion about William the Conqueror

And all his progenies;

Then we had a late, late supper at Stephanie’s.
All in all, we had a wonderful day.

The Importance of Being…

watching TIOBE for the umpteenth time (the 1952 film) and it still holds up very well. G:)

In the Poetry Zoo

In The Poetry Zoo

In a cage

At the back

Of the zoo

Is a mythical beast 

(Allegedly, the last remaining one in the world)

It is a specimen of – in it’s Latin name – Vulgaris Poeta 

(Or, in layman’s terms

The popular poet)

He is a sad and lonely creaturePining for a mate

And a decent ryhme

Yet, he doesn’t know it.
They are thinking of closing the zoo

As it’s unfair on the inmates to be so confined.

I think that the poet

May have become institutionalised

Or, they may find

That he could even have

Lost his mind.

April the Giraffe

Today is March the 26th

And April the Giraffe

All in one;

Which is why we are here watching a ‘Live’ YouTube feed of April and her baby bump.
Up to 105k watching last night when we were watching

And, even now, in the middle of the American night in a far off state of the USofA (Harpursville, NY – if detail required) there are still 57k watching.
Well, it’s certainly an escape from US politics.
Anyway, fingers crossed
And ‘don’t blink’ you might miss the birthing.


A Wizard in the Kitchen

“…and she said that she was ‘a wizard in the kitchen.’ So, I said, make me a cake and we shall see.”
“So, what happened?”

“She was – and she did!”

The Demon DrInk!

(Delivered with a drunken slant)
I am Graeme
And I used to be…
Yes, I used to be coherent…
Until the demon drink got a hold of me.
It started off just as a part of my hobby: after my writing sessions I would have a slurp or two; then, gradually, I moved on to pints and then the hard stuff. I tried to drink of a quality; but, after a while you drink anything and everything to scratch that itch.
I was, at one time, drinking a pint of Quink before breakfast – yes, you heard me, a pint!
But, I have cut down to nothing through sheer will-power and by using pencils instead of quills – however, I appear to have lead-poisoning!
That is why I am a little Inkcoherent.

Skippy and I

Skippy: Tchhichhchchichhhrch!
Yeah, I know, Skippy. Bit obvious that ‘we’ have fallen down the well.
Skippy: Tchhichchhcichhrhcch!
Yes, good idea to keep the spirits up by talking; but, do you know anything interesting?
Skippy: Tch!
Nah, me neither.

And there is also the Skippy Post below (if you missed it) G:)
Skippy: Tchhiichhhnanxhhichh! (He says ‘It’s World Poetry Day, Today) via @PoemMeGroup

Fruit Flies / Fruit Flys (life is a performance in yellow).

Fruit Flies / Fruit Flys (life is a performance in yellow).
“As a banana, I have problems that you couldn’t even dream of.

Take, for instance, fruit flys;

When a banana boards an aeroplane he (or she) will be affected by the cabin pressures (and other passengers who may be suffering from the munchies).
No, seriously, I am talking about flying fruit! 
(Throws a banana)
Take my cousin, Barnaby, for example. 
No, go on.
What do you intend to do with Barnaby, madam?
Are you going to eat him?
He’s in your hands now, madam.
He is at your mercy.
It’s not good to be a banana.
Life is always short.
And the end is not always kind.
And as for fruit Flies…”

I am a Pastafarian!

There are no words to add to this.

Just putting it out there for you to mull upon.