My First Poem

My first poem tonight is called ‘my first poem’ even though, in reality, it wasn’t – but, it is a tribute to the long-almost-forgotten poem that I wrote first.
‘My First Poem’
This is ‘my first poem’ 

Even though it isn’t

My first poem was written many poets’ moons ago;

It was rubbish

I crossed it out

And threw it away –

Straight into the bin.
Then, I thought,

What if there was something –

A word, a phrase –

That might be there

That might be salvaged?

I retrieved that poem from the bin

Looked at it closely

And realised… it ‘was’


I tore it up,

And threw the pieces back, Into the bin.
Then, I thought,

What if I had used a turn of phrase,

Or an image,

That could be utilised

In a rewrite

That would make that poem


And give the words

Of ‘My First Poem’

I retrieved the pieces

Of my first poem

From the bin,

That they had lain within;

And, puzzle-like, selotaped

The pieces back together.

I looked closely once again,

At my first poem,

And saw…

That it was…

‘Still’ rubbish.

I burnt the conjoined pieces of that poem

And scattered the ashes

Upon the Rhododendrons

In the garden.
Then, I thought,

What if…

But, it was too late…
And, I, had learnt a valuable lesson…


Keep a copy of your poems

Even if they ‘are’ rubbish.

For, who knows when

You may need to compare your latest poem

To a far inferior work

Just to make 

You feel that things

Could always be worse.

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