The Early Morning Poet Writes #TEMPS #TheEarlyMorningPoetrySociety

As an early-morning poetComposing rhymes before six a.m.

I suppose that I am one of the lucky ones:

That is to say, that I do not have to be

A late-evening poet like others

Less fortunate than me.
The Lark does sing

As I wend my weary way

And the dawn rises

(In the East, as is usual)

Upon another day.

I am at peace

And knowing that my time is now.
I write when all about is quiet –

For ’tis difficult, if not nigh on impossible,

To write in the midst of a riot –

And what is written ‘then’

May not be at all passable

When read back after the event.

Although, I do appreciate the need

To write amongst the crowds

That bleed and fight

For their right to do

Whatever it may be

That they want to.

Yes, it is.

And quiet here.

Which is nice

And when I write ‘nice’

I think that ‘that’ word

Does not suffice…

But, it will have to do

For now.
05:20 -05:30 Monday 20th February, 2017


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