I have a poem

“I have a poem!”
I started.
It was not the best of starts,

It had been plagiarised

From the ‘I have a dream’ speech

And was not going to be anywhere near as powerful.
Or should I have started

“I have had a dream…

About ‘having’ a poem!”
Or should I have taken up crochet, like Jane?
‘I don’t like crochet:

I love it!’
Which is also borrowed heavily from somebody who was or is far greater than I

(Which is most people)
I do love to pun.
You hadn’t noticed?
How strange!
I’m sure that any within my vicinity

Would have noticed my proclivity

And my inane sense of rapididity

When it came to punning!
Oh, in that case

Suit yourself –
It could be said 

To be a suit-case 

Or the like

But, it’s probably best not to mention

That dimension.


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