They call me Buddy!

I thought that when I got olderPeople would call me ‘Sir.’

But, in that, I was wrong;

I am called ‘mate’ or ‘bud’ or ‘buddy’

I should have known all along

That the youth of today would be casual that way;
They don’t even know…

The day…

That the music died…
It was… February 3rd,

Nineteen fifty-nine,

I drove my Chevrolet to the levrolet… no, I didn’t do that

As I hadn’t even been born then…

It was a Tuesday…

That will be the day;

A black day

For music

Or, a day for black music;

It’s all the same to me;

And, every day is a grae day



3 responses to “They call me Buddy!

  1. Hehe. I got that *buddy*. Hehehe. 🙂 🙂

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