Stuff (and nonsense) by The Serial Quiller. #TEMPSoc


I’m a serial quiller…
Yes, I am;
I loves to write
All through the days
And all through-
Well, obviously, the nights
I writes
And I writes
And I-

“What do you write about?”

Well, that’s enough about you
This is all about me-

‘What do I write?’

Well, I writes ‘stuff’ mainly
Stuff, like this!
‘Stuff’ ‘and’ ‘nonsense’
Stuff and nonsense.
That’s me fing
And I self auto-corrects I does
Which means
That when I writes it wrong
I means to, I does.
And I writes stuff about this
And stuff about that
And all of it nonsense
Just a lot of tat;
What’s wrong wiv that?
What is wrong wiv what I write?
And don’t you go sending me all those answers
On a postcard
Life’s hard enough
When you only writes nonsense…
…and stuff.



NB this stuff (and nonsense) were writted by me at 05:35 on Thursday 2nd February, 2017 and finished soon after.


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