On The Street Where I Live


On The Street Where I Live

The street
Where I live
Is ‘very‘ lived in;
It’s worn at the edges,
The hedges need taming;
It should be proud
Not shaming;
It has seen better days
These are just a few words up-
On the street where I live.

2 responses to “On The Street Where I Live

  1. Reminded me where I lived once upon a time… It was a street like that one, Markham Road, in Bournemouth… It was the most happiest year, I never forget, I was a young girl and there wasn’t any problem in my mind also in the world too (at least not like today’s world)… A few years ago when I visited the same street, I couldn’t dare to knock the door where I lived…
    Thank you dear G, you almost made me to live again these days…
    Love, nia

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