Meanwhile, I take a little break

Out of breath
I take a rest
And bide a while
For, to bide is best;
But, what is ‘to bide?’
I ask
And set myself upon another task
I hit G**gle and insert ‘to bide’
Hold on to your hats
It’s going to be some kinda ride!
No, that was silly
I was just being a fool
For ‘To bide’ is to stay somewhere
For a while – perhaps, where it’s cool;
And if you are happy to abide along with me
In your humble abode
Then this is another word that we can upload.

I must just say, here, today,
That I just can’t abide all these new words that now occur
In my arena, like Ben Hur,
Racing around the language world
To arrive breathlessly (like me)
At my doorstep for tea
Like thirteen dwarves
In search of a burglar named me.


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