Tea? What was the question? Part 1.


Me by Me – G:)

I don’t like tea
It does nothing for me
I like coffee
It sets me free…
Well, it sets my mind free
To race about
And have ideas
This and that
And then some more
Until I have so many ideas
Buzzing inside my head
That I overload
And fall down dead –
Which is obviously not true
As honest as the fact that I am stood right here in front of you
Which I am not
But, you know what I mean
I think of things that are obscure and yet
I’m so surprised that no one else has thought of them
I bet that I am the only person in the world that has created a poetic form called a Badriomaku
Which, for me, is the norm
And who’s to say
That I may
Or may not
In time
Create another rhyme
That is credible
And highly edible
To those that have a taste
For that sort of thing.

“Ping! Your five minutes are up.
Please insert another coin to continue this stream of consciousness.”


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