“I wish it was Friday!”


I woke up this morning with the thought in my head
“I wish it was Friday!” were the words that I said.
“And so it shall be!” said a voice from quite near,
And there was a fairy who filled me with fear
“It’s Friday?” I asked.
“Yes.” she replied. “But, to be honest, I was hardly there tasked;
As it was already so, but your wish has come true;
I’d have wished a little more wisely, if I had been you.”
“I wish for world peace
An end to all war
Harmony betwixt people
And nobody poor.”
“Alas!” she said “You had but one wish and that wish is done;
I can grant you no more wishes- goodbye, I must run.”
And, so, she left me spluttering ‘what ifs?” and cursing aloud
Regretting my wishing for a Friday Out loud.
And, of this occurrence
I’m not particularly proud
I could have done so much more
If more wishes had been allowed.
But, at least it was Friday
And nearly the weekend
And ‘a simple wish to end all wars?’
How would ‘that’ story end?


2 responses to ““I wish it was Friday!”

  1. One day it would be dear G, one day… because there is up and down for all huge waves! Something like that… I am glad it is Friday today, thank you for your wish 🙂 Have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

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