Don’t you think…

Don’t you thinkBecause it might just blow your mind

And if you think too hard

That could be the end

When your brain realises

That the time is ripe

For dancing in the streets

(Oops! Sorry, went into song then)

Anyway, the message of these words is – apart from being very shallow – don’t put off today

What you can easily put off tomorrow…
… or something like that.


4 responses to “Don’t you think…

  1. Is there a philosophy there, or a cake, but who cares words hit my mind, because I am in this rainy cold Sunday, want to do something, like words of cake! You inspire me… 🙂 Thank you dear G, Love, nia

    • I am having a spell of creativity (dozens of ideas) this weekend (inc. Friday) and lots of words in my head – I am just posting them all in an effort to be prolific. I even performed three poems last night – two of which were still warm from the writing.
      Glad to inspire – hope the weather improves (we are with the same rain and dreary cold but snow is threatening)

      Take care, stay warm – G:)

  2. WOW! sounds so nice and so exciting…

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