Out of the Ether…


Is it Nature
Or Nurture
Or Nietzsche
Or neither (with an ‘i’ sound)
Or neither (with an ‘e’ sound)
That is if you can have neither (or neither) when there are three options.

Maybe this style of writing is not your thing;
But, I know, it makes ‘my’ heart sing.


7 responses to “Out of the Ether…

  1. I know 🙂 Thank you dear G, as always I loved your poem, playing with words… I did something today, but in my own language, to write something without letter of “a”, that we use a lot in our language. Have you tried to write something, Like Georges Perec? Love, nia

    • I do try that sort of thing from time to time. I have a poem written just using the ‘i’ vowel (and all the consonants, of course). I shall look it up – I shall make a note of George’s Perez – thank you:) have a lovely day and may the sun shine upon your world.


  2. Thank you, I wonder now, maybe I have already read, but I can’t remember now. 🙂 Same nice wishes for you too, love, nia

    • My ‘i’ poem is not finished (needs work) and unpublished. I shall look it up and see how it is feeling.

      And you can’t write ‘poems’ with an ‘e’ – for they would be ‘poms!’ G:)

  3. he he he yes, but I should think about this dear G, Today, in my language without “a” it was difficult to explain rain, and to say it rains… But I did like that (I translate) earth was drinking water 🙂 Anyway, let’s us think and find something.

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