Break Rules? Moi?


Some people don’t obey the rules:
They are fools.
If that applies to you, please don’t read the above and stop here.
Because the rest is about you,
And not for you.

And whilst all about you there are a few poor souls trying to follow the righteous path and not cross on red;
You carry on – and may end up dead; as we all will one day.
But, you, may get there first
No need to queue for you
Not that you are reading this;
You, obviously, stopped a while ago
Or did your curiosity lead you here
To see just what I would say about you…
You, devil, you;
Break every rule
Jump the lights
Jump the queue
Cycle without lights
Drop your crap
Upon the floor
And swear in public
Then swear some more.

Not, that any of the nice folk
Who have read this far
Do any such thing
At all


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