Peculiar Petunia Jnr.


Peculiar Petunia Jnr.
(Or ‘Pet’ as she was known to her friends – of which she had ‘few’ or ‘many’ – the number of which depends on how many there were)
Well, Pet, was
Up to her eyeballs…

in debt
Or sweat
Or su-et
Which I use here for the rhyme
As I do from time to…
Well, a lot!
I know, I should be shot
Or not.

Anyway, back to Pet;
Who was heavily In debt
Up to her…
Credit limit
She was a bright light
But, poverty would dim it.

So, she tried to budget
But it wouldn’t budge;
She tried making toffee
But it was only poor fudge;
She tried writing novels
But, the proof-copy was little more than a smudge;
But, she tried.

Until, one lucky day –
I think it was a Thursday…
or a Tuesday…
Or one of the others –

Pet found an ancient coin
That led to some archaeologists finding some more;
And ‘treasure trove’ was called
And the pennies rolled in;
And Pet became solvent
But, not the liquid kind;
And, her finances sorted,
She regained control of her mind
And all because of her archaeological find.


2 responses to “Peculiar Petunia Jnr.

  1. I think I’m a bit dizzy now 🙂

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