May 2017 be a better year…


I have no clue as to why I put this picture of a banana here…

Did I compare thee to a Winter’s Day?
Did I do that?
Did I?
How strange
That a year has now passed
Since, I wrote that
Last year
When we were younger
And not so old
As we are now…

But, I did so
And I still love thee
And count the ways
And share the days

(And here it is if you missed it)

‪You are my simile via @PoemMeGroup‬

(I continue)

Did Man wonder about the year to come?

If we had known
That the year ahead
Would be so soon
The year just gone
And, yet, it is the same
Every year
That every year
(Under a new name)
Flys by and is gone
Never to return
Apart from in our memories,
Our written down recollections,
Our pictures and even those of others.

Two, O, One, Seven
Will see us here once more
In our Earth under Heaven;
That’s if you believe
That there is such a place
Under the Sun
And, maybe, I am one
Just staying here
‘Til my time is done.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, may 2017 be kinder to all of those that tread upon the face of this Lonely Planet.


2 responses to “May 2017 be a better year…

  1. Thank you, Bobs. Love you, too 🙂 xxx

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