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On The Street Where I Live


On The Street Where I Live

The street
Where I live
Is ‘very‘ lived in;
It’s worn at the edges,
The hedges need taming;
It should be proud
Not shaming;
It has seen better days
These are just a few words up-
On the street where I live.

Life is a Paradox (a song)


The Paradox Song

Life is just a paradox
You live, and then you die;
You’re always asking questions but you’re never answered why;

You always take such liberties
And sail out in a lie;
When bringing in the readies
You only buy and buy.

Life is a paradox
Wearing three odd socks
You are just a Goldilocks
Without any of the bears.

Life is a paradox
Pandora’s empty Box
With umpteen locks
And hopeless inner cares.

Life is a paradox
You can only win or lose
And even when you win you’ve lost
And losing blows the fuse.

You choose the paths you travel on
And they lead you here and there
Ending in the same place
Somewhere that’s nowhere.

Three Hamlets

Shakespeare’a Hamlet

To be
Or not to be
That is the question
Whether it is nobler
To blah blah
Or blah blah blah


Robot Hamlet

To be
Or not to be
That is the question.
Answer calculated.
Robots to be
Humans not to be
No question about it.


Borg Hamlet

To be or not to be
There is no question –
Humans are non essential.
Their existence is futile!
Existence is futile!

Just a few words and a couple of pictures..

Who let the frogs doubt?



I went to Lostwithiel the other day

It wasn’t there

So I helped an old gentleman

(Who had also lost his marbles)

To put up some posters

On various lampposts around the area…

And, do you know what?

Within only a few hours

I became tired of the whole process

And came home.
I wonder if that old chap ever found his marbles.

For the occasion..


I fell asleep at a wake once…
When I awoke
I cracked a joke
And snaffled the vol-au-vents.

And please to be noticing my correct usage of the verb snaffle in its transitive informal state.

I am nothing
If not here to

The Yorkshireman’s Lament


“How do?” said she;
“How do?” said I,
In morning as we crossed.

“How do?” said I;
“How do?” said she,
No further words were tossed
In the evenings when we crossed.

For thirty years
We spoke just thus
Until one day she turned to dust
For that were all there was
In the morning when she’d passed
So, I said “How do?”
To no one there
And no one there said “How do?” To me.
And, now I consider the vagaries of my life
As to whether to still say “How do?”
When I no longer had the wife?

A sad tale indeed


The land of milk and honey has become the land of silk and money;
And ‘Happy Ever After’
Daily seems much dafter;
“What’s the world coming to?”
Asked a rhetorical Mrs Jones
Who shivered in the winter
As the chill did freeze her bones;
For eighty years she’d lived
And “Never seen times like them!”
Soon she’ll be much warmer
In the flames of the local crem.

The Swan


The swan
Looked pale
And wan
As if, perhaps,
She knew her fate.

Blue Sky – Thinking.


Note how I have captured the sky’s essential blueness.

Blue sky
Clouded judgement
But, with little understanding
I am looking at the sky?

But, I am
And, so,
Being who I am
I have to write words
To capture the moment
And, as birds suddenly appear
I think that wearing the worm costume today
Have been a big mistake.