A Poem for Christmas Day (and every day) – Wishing you the best wherever you are – Graeme:)

‘Twas Christmas Day
And all through the house was…
Snoring, and not much else.
We’d not gotten to bed that early, you see
And now the only one awakened
Was little old me
The dogs they were slumbering and dreaming of snow…
And then Rosie appeared; there, at the Window
“Let me in, I have been out for a walk
I am back for the festivities the games and the talk
And I pray that you feed me with warm winter cheer
It looks warm there inside, and it’s parky out here!”

Now, Rosie relaxes in front of the fire
And drifts into dreams of her wants and desire
The lady of the manor is still snuggled in bed
And I protect the lot of them
With the words in my head.

It is quiet and peaceful all through the house
With just a snore, purr or a murmur
And not a lot else
But, soon will come Christmas
And all will ignite
And we shall be together
In our Christmas delight

But, we will think of others
And we do share our care
For others don’t have the things we do
And others despair
And today some will die
And others be born
For the world doesn’t know the day
It just carries on.

Wishing you a better day
Wherever your head you lay.

4 responses to “A Poem for Christmas Day (and every day) – Wishing you the best wherever you are – Graeme:)

  1. You are so nice ear G I wish the same… I hope New Year to be a better Year for all of us. Thank you. Blessing and Happiness to you All (by the way don’t you have cat 🙂 ) Love, nia

  2. I see 🙂 There is peace there. Rosie Cat, Kisses for her!

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