The Magicalish World of Patrick the Magician


Patrick was aiming for a hat-trick
Of tricks, that is;
For Patrick was a magician
And poor Patrick’s magic tricks
Tended to go wrong.
His magic wand was limp when it should have been stiff
And stiff beyond all cajoling
When it should go limp.

So, for two of Patrick’s tricks
To go as well as they should have done
In a row
One after the other
In succession
Was something of a miracle.

Was this to be the pinnacle of Patrick’s success?


Instead of going for a routine, run-of-the-mill, guaranteed-surefire-winner of a trick to seal the triumvirate…

Patrick chose his show-stopper of a trick…

With, inevitably disastrous consequences…

Patrick’s lovely assistant, Anastasia (Maureen) had many times declined the dubious honour of being cut in half by Patrick, due to the high likelihood of blood – and Anastasia was allergic to the sight of blood (especially her own).

And so, to try and help, Anastasia agreed to the ‘Disappearing Assistant’ trick.

The trick actually went very well – up to a point – but, Anastasia was never seen again.



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