A record up the pop charts

I shall put this here and see what happens. G:)



I wrote a song about a pop tart
To try and get into the pop chart
The song wasn’t very good
It was not about the hood
And so it didn’t really sell

I changed the tune a bit
To try and get myself a hit
And added some cool words
To try and win some cool awards
But, that didn’t work too well

I got a girl band to sing it
For so emotionally they’d wring it
But, we didn’t make a video
Which, made the song a no go
And as current as William Tell

So, we made a video and mimed
And a few lines never rhymed
With poor lip-sync it was a crime
And we shoulda coulda woulda took our time
But we rushed
And were singing when we shoulda woulda coulda hushed.

So, we gave it up
And we all got proper jobs
And kept…

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One response to “A record up the pop charts

  1. but I do like pop tarts, cinnamon sugar ones piping hot. and chocolate….and strawberry sometimes.

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