Rednax (a possible story) please feedback G:)

Rednax flicked a switch. A dull red light lit up. Rednax considered the reasoning behind his having flicked the switch in the first place. He flicked the switch back. The dull red light dimmed and went out.

Rednax was half way through a work-station shift. However, manning Auxiliary Control Station 4 meant that the most he could hope for would be an internal fire from the ancient wiring and dusty components.

The contents of his third paper cup of coffee had congealed due to a lack of interest in the turgid axle-grease that was pumped out for liquid requirements on a shift. Rednax wandered over to the coffine (a shortening of coffee machine and that stuff was likely to speed one’s demise) and thumped the only button that honoured the fascia. Some time later a ‘fresh’ cup of coffee was provided along with the sweetened chemical aroma of Sachro – the ubiquitous sugar substitute that was as tasty as a chewed wasp.

2 responses to “Rednax (a possible story) please feedback G:)

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever chewed a wasp before…at least I hope not 🙂

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