Spy vs. Spy

This was somewhere else – it has been decoded and is now available here. G:)

The Interweb


Me: Are you a spy?

Spy: A spy? I? No, why would you think that ‘I’ looked like a spy. I deny that I am a spy.

Me: The trench coat; the dark glasses; your hat pulled down low over your eyes; and because you have been sat on that bench for over an hour taking notes and eating a sandwich.

Spy: Eating a sandwich is no crime!
And why am I talking in rhyme?
You are not! What utter rot! I am ‘not’ repeat ‘not’ a spy.

Me: But, you do look like one – a spy, I mean. And that sandwich had it’s edges turned up more than your collar is. You seem like a shady character that could be found in a spy novel; or outside this sandwich bar – which is where we are.

Spy: Okay, I ‘am’ a spy. I don’t know how you could…

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