Topping the bill tonight…


“Hi, we are Unquestionably Awful,
Absolutely Atrocious
Hopelessly Inadequate
Depending on your point of view.
However, whomever we are,
We are the house band tonight
Or ‘tonite’ if you believe the hype of advertising;
And we intend to amaze, astound or even entertain all you good people (and a few of the bad ones, too).

We shall start with a few numbers
(1,2,3 and 4) and then add music and
Something vaguely resembling singing.

If all goes to plan (whether it’s Plan A , B or other) we shall leave here
In a blaze of glory
If, however, we follow a recent trend-pattern of ours, we shall just be happy to leave in one piece.

So, here, all the way from Memphis (near Basildon)
I give you…

The Disappointment Factor!”


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