Me: Siri? Is a coconut a coconut?

Siri: I have found a site that states that a coconut is ‘usually’ a coconut. Try here to seek further verification.

Me: Sorry, Siri, what I meant to ask was: is a coconut a nut?

Siri: That makes more sense. No, a coconut is not a nut, neither is it a fruit nor a vegetable… furthermore it is not a potato neither is it a banana; it has never claimed to be an aardvark; and only on one occasion (as far as is known) has a coconut tried to pass itself off as an occasional table.

Me: Thank you Siri.

Siri: You are welcome. If you would like to ask any further stupid questions feel free.

Me: Quite.

One response to “Siri?

  1. Ha, did you ask her what you should be for Halloween?

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