Will and Ben: Renaissance Men – a little learning

Will: You’re a complete Herbert.

Ben: Why, thank you, kind sir.

Will: I don’t think that it was a compliment, Ben.

Ben:No? Well, it’s probably the closest I’ll get, Will. Compliments are few and far between when you are Ben Jonson.

Will: I wouldn’t know, Ben; not being Ben Jonson, myself.

Ben: True, Will. I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone.

Will: it was certainly a cruel twist of fate that chose you to bear that monicker, Ben.

Ben: Yes. I feel that even Monica Jonson would have been better.

Will: And, moreover, it would have suited you admirably; what with your penchant for the ladies.

Ben: I didn’t realise that the Jacques were separated at this time in history.

Will: Obviously, Ben. There have been complaints.

Ben: Not from me.

Will: No. (Will pauses for a moment) Ben?

Ben: Yes, Will.

Will: Promise me that you will look up the word ‘Irony’ in a dictionary today.

Ben: I will and I shall, Will.

Will: Do so and you ‘may’ learn something.

Ben: Do you think so, Will.

Will: I think that you had better look up ‘Coppery’ as well, it will steel your mettle.

Ben: I shall, indeed I shall. Oh, joyous day.

(Ben exeunts left in search of a Johnson’s dictionary)

Will: Hey ninny go!


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