Down With Gravity!


Down With Gravity

Let’s get down with the gravity
Let’s head to the floor and stop.
Let’s fall out of trees and hit the ground
It would make no sense to fly around
With our feet to our legs to our hips hip hop
We know which way is up and how to drop
Where for to land, how high to stand,
We are as run down to earth as a one-man band

We suffer depravity
For the sake of our gravity
For in perpetuity
There is no gratuity
And if we are to remain hip
That means there’s no tip
And if we fall and fly
Or succeed when we do not try
To retain contact with the Earth
We shall be regaled as with worth
Or at the least a soupçon of mirth
Or a ladleful of dearth.


3 responses to “Down With Gravity!

  1. Biggie G the english rapper ❤

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