When is a scone not a scone?


A scone must rhyme with gone
Otherwise it would be a scone
And if that was so it must be known
That, when I dwell my thoughts upon
Whether I am in the zone
To be known or unknown
A scion of Zion
Or a clone of Antigone
Know that we have groan
Closer, No, sir, that was no sooner said
Than done
And, third prize, I think, was won
And one make two times one
And the Sun it shone
Until night when it was gone
Like a spoon
Much too soon
And if thy were a fan of the goon
“What time is it?”
Heckles a gent from the gloom
Of the room
Which was as till as a tomb
“Oi!” said the tomboy.
Not Tim Joy; but, some one else
With another name
And poor aim at darts
And not from around these parts
Which all goes to show how
Thou and thou must take a bow



One response to “When is a scone not a scone?

  1. I must say, have never tried a scone before….looks quite scrumptious. ❤

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