“It’s been one of ‘those’ days!”


Not my leg

Something strange happened today…
I sneezed.
That’s not that strange, but…
I sneezed… and my leg fell off
it was the only one I had
And I ‘had’ become rather attached to it
Until I became unattached from it.
However, my not having a leg to stand on
Meant I couldn’t resort to the court;
Luckily, I had been sitting down at the time of the ‘falling off’
But, now I could no longer do
My stand-up routine
And was apt to lose my job
All because I had sneezed.

I ‘assume’ that it ‘was’ the sneeze that caused my leg to disconnect
The one following the other so closely;
But, what, I now think morosely,
If it was not
And all my remaining limbs were about to go ‘their’ separate ways?

It has certainly been one of ‘those’ days.


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