“Hello, I’m Adik.”


Adik: Hi! I’m Adik.

2nd: Sorry?

Adik: I was saying hello and introducing myself.

2nd: Ah! So that was your name?

Adik: Yes.

2nd: And not a self-depreciating comment?

Adik: Sorry?

2nd: No, I’m the one who should apologise. I was misled by your name.

Adik: Really? How so?

2nd: Well… it sounds a little bit as if you were calling yourself a… a dick.

Adik: Well, that ‘is’ my name.

2nd: No. A ‘dick’ as in a ‘pratt’ or a ‘wassock’ maybe even a ‘prize plonker!’

Adik: Oh, I see. No, I am none of those things – well, maybe a bit of a pratt – I am named after my father… and he ‘was’ a ‘dick!’i


3 responses to ““Hello, I’m Adik.”

  1. Hahah… Funny 😂😂😝😝

  2. You are amazing 🙂 Thank you dear G, Love, nia

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