The Friday Night Poetry Reading Theme is… Dogs!


I got it wrong and wrote this on the moment. G:)

I was supposed to be reading
Out a dog poem tonight
I think my dog poem ran off
And can’t be found…
I’ve checked,
It’s not in the poetry pound;
Stuffed and mounted Police are cycling around
And Postmen are keeping an eye out for random previously unobserved letters;
Many posters have been attached to all of its favourite lampposts.

Or it may have been poetrynapped
And that’s quite believable
As it was a pedigree poem
And it may now have been rehoemed in a new ho-em

However, I haven’t received a ransom note;
And it didn’t like me anyway;
I never fed it,
Didn’t take it for walks,
Or throw a ball for it;
And when I think upon it
I never made my doggerel dog poem into a sonnet.

It probably did run away
And it probably won’t run back to me
Any time soon
As is often the way.

I shall remember this
As the waiting time does pass

A doggerel is for life
Not just for Christmas


2 responses to “The Friday Night Poetry Reading Theme is… Dogs!

  1. I really like this, Graeme. Clever and unique.

  2. a fun poem, mine is sitting on a couch next to an emoji pillow shaped like poop….I think she likes it 🙂

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