Railway Station Poetry 12th September, 2016


Railway Poetry September 12th, 2016

I’ve got a ticket
For a destination
And I’m sitting at a railway station –
Sounds like a song.

The train, I’m sure, is on it’s way
It’s coming soon to take us all away
“A return ticket, please.”
I asked the man
“Where to?” he cried
“Why, back here you fool!”
And then we both cried together
At the sheer stupidity
Of the English language
And then we conversed about the weather.

So, I’m sat here at this railway station;
On such lines that could just cross the nation
And they do;
But, I’m not going nowhere
And one day I’m going to get there
Just see if I do.

Soon I’ll be rolling down that railway track
A thirst class ticket in my pack
And I won’t stop the train
Until it gets there
Wherever there may be
I’ll just spend my time
Just looking out the window
Upon the people of the world
And wishing in my mind
That what I’d left behind
Isn’t needed along the way
And, now, I’ve nothing more to say.

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