Breaking News from the South West


Jesus had a pastie, when
He visited back then;
In Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
On a rather sunny day.
Then he pottered off to Penzance
Before his trip to Glastonbury
And then travelled back home via France;
Sightseeing, as He wasn’t in a hurry.


2 responses to “Breaking News from the South West

  1. Jeebus went on holiday
    Whilst looking for a place to stay
    To share his thoughts of love for all
    No phones, you see, he had to call
    He started off in Glastonbury
    And probably sang a song or three
    Wading deeply in the mud
    Spreading word that we should be good
    Then when the sun came out to play
    To Falmouth went he, to the bay
    He may have eaten pasty there
    To feed the many, he would share
    To round it off, he chose to dance
    All the way to sunny Penzance
    Perhaps he turned the pirates round
    To give back the treasures that they’d found
    If only he had stayed far West
    It may have been all for the best
    Instead, we know, he went back East
    To sadly perish by the beast

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