Haiku: ‘Twenty-Eight – The Haiku Race!’ By Graeme Sandford

28 haiku on the 28th August, 2014 – and the finish line was in sight. G:)

Graeme Sandford



“I really don’t care
If I’m being pedantic:

I don’t write Haikus !”



And what’s wrong with that?”
Questioned the two-cornered man,
Then he wrote seven.

“If I do write one…
Does it have to have a rhyme?”
Asked the cautious type.

“I am not ‘that’ keen;
Maybe it’s my veruka,”
He opined shyly.

The challenge began:
Two-Corners versus Cautious;
The crowd were silent.

Two-C wrote a lot;
Cautious started quite a few;
Some of them did rhyme.

At the mid-way point;
Two-C was well in the lead;
Cautious lacked paper.

Some of the haiku
Were disqualified for length
And some due to taste;

Too long or too short;
Too sweet or a little sour;
The judges were harsh!

More paper was sought
For Cautious to continue;
He’d filled up the bin!

He cried out “Paper!”
He made an awful loud din;
Would Cautious-Type win?

But the…

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