Haiku: ‘Twenty-Seven – Dolmio and Oubliette’ by Graeme Sandford

This is just one of the many fine pieces in ‘Bardly Writ’ which is available from the link on my home page or to be found at Lulu.com. Apart from the hard sell, it’s worth a read. G:)

Graeme Sandford


A Play in Three Parts

(‘also’ A Part in Three Plays)

Act 1, Scene 1, Line…

“One fine day – in May –

Our story does not take place

In fair Verona.

But in England’s… land…

It happens in happening;

And these our players.”

Enters Stage Left.

Dolmio: Where is the sun;

And where Oubliette?

Have my eyes crossed?

Will my star fall in this time?

Or shall we be met.

Enters. Oubliette:

How now, Dolmio, what’s up?

Though lookest perturb’d.

Dolmio: Ay, me!

I am of such strange humous;

Or mean I ‘humours?’

Oub: Dolmio, my;

Thou are surely in a state

Denmark, it is not!

Dol: Oubliette, fair;

Thou hast eyes to see my pain

And heart to feel it.

Act 1Scene 2 line

‘Twenty-nine years, but we have,

Between both of us.

Dear love, our parents

Do not love us together

As they do apart.

Quothéd Dolmio.

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7 responses to “Haiku: ‘Twenty-Seven – Dolmio and Oubliette’ by Graeme Sandford

  1. Is there somewhere I can leave a review of your book? Meant to ask ages ago!

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