Beauregard’s Tale (part of).


A fan?

Rosie had little, or no, regard for Beauregard, the house mouse. In fact, after a cursory glance, she paid him not the slightest amount of attention whatsoever. However, this was perfectly okay with Beauregard, as he liked the quiet life; and, to be honest, having a cat as an enemy, or at the least as a tormentor, would have made the days seem like long days, really long days, really long days indeed – that’s if he survived them.

Beauregard had arrived in the Hotel d’Or one Summer day due to a misunderstanding that he had had between the direction ‘left’ and the direction ‘right.’ To explain, his mother told him to turn ‘left’ at the old oak tree, and, as Beauregard didn’t know what an oak tree and was too afraid to ask, he turned ‘right’ (as he also had difficulties with directional information) when he reached the five-bar gate that allowed access to and from their field.


One response to “Beauregard’s Tale (part of).

  1. Poor Beauregard( that was a nice name), he might need special education

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