Alternate Genesis for the Three Witches.


The Three Katys

Katy O said “Come on, let’s go!”
But, where to, she just didn’t know
Katy P said “That’s fine by me.”
That was strange for her to agree.
Katy Bob said “Let’s get a job!
I’m sick and tired of being a slob!”

The three Katys did head right out
Then got stuck on a roundabout.
“Left!” cried one.
“Right!” Replied another.
“Make your mind up!” confusedly, called the other.

Three weeks passed, they were rescued at last
By a passing schooner that was rigged to full mast.
They all sailed away
For a year and a day
To the far off lands where the flying fishes play.

And when all was said
And all was done
And they’d had enough of the sea,
The sand, and the sun;
They returned back home
And there settled down…

They are the three witches
Which watch o’er the town.


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