Building a Stream-of-Consciousness Poem. #SoC


I built myself a house of cards
With windows and a door.
That really wasn’t quite enough
So I added walls, a roof, a floor.
I filled it up with all manner of fine things; but, mainly ‘stuff’
And then it rained; it all collapsed,
Which was a little rough.
“Is this your card?” questioned the joker
Picking up a two;
I poked him with a poker
It’s what I chose to do.
He said I was ungallant
To do such a nasty thing
“The spider from Lord of the Rings?” I said, questioning.
“No, you twit! Not one little bit!
That’s Ungoliant! Or She-lob;
Her friends (of which she has none)
Prefer to call her Bob.”
I decided that was as good a point as any
To leave and head back home
But, homes, I haven’t any
So, I’m off to visit Rome.


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