1066 – the year of 3 kings.


1066 and all that

You may have missed this news item
But, 950 years ago this year
The Normans arrived and defeated the Anglo-Saxon forces under their king, Harold.

Tim and Julia watched Time Team
Because they really dug Mick Aston And Phil
Digging trenches in East Cheam;
On The History Channel,
They’re probably digging them still.

Alfred was great at burning the cake
Hereward was awake to the possibilities
Ethelred was always unready
Edward the Confessor was not much of a professor
And when ‘he’ died things were a little unsteady.

Harold Godwinson fought the Danes
At Stamford Bridge
Which is not near Staines
He won perchance
Then had to rush back to Hastings for battle
With William from Normandy, France.

The battle ebbed and flowed until an arrow flue true from a Norman bow into the English king

(Add music here Am / F)

“That’s one in the eye for Harold
And William’s made another conquest.”

(C / G)


1066, 1066, the year of three kings
1066, 1066, the year of three kings.

1936 is the other year of three kings
In Britain


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